The Up and Away and Out of Sight program has a number of FREE materials and resource links to help you learn more about keeping your children safe by storing medicines safely. Click on the resources below to download or order our materials.

Social Media Assets

Help us educate others about keeping medicines up and away and out of sight and reach of young children by downloading and using our free social media assets on your channels with #MedsUpAway.

Summer 2023 Promotion

You Can’t Be Everywhere Video 3


Work From Home: Distractions 1

Work From Home: Distractions 2

Kitchen Cabinet

Distracted: Play Time 1

Distracted: Play Time 2

Bathroom Cabinet

Cold and Flu

Cold & Flu: Crib 1

Cold & Flu: Crib 2

Cold & Flu: Living Room 1

Cold & Flu: Living Room 2

Cold & Flu: Living Room 3


Travel 1

Travel 2

Suitcase: 1

Suitcase: 2

Suitcase: 3

Suitcase: 4



Healthy Holiday Graphic

Holiday Tip Sheet

Family Holiday Graphic


Cold & Flu Video

The New Classroom Video

You Can’t Be Everywhere Video 3

You Can’t Be Everywhere Video 2

You Can’t Be Everywhere Video 1

Living Room Boy Video

Living Room Girl Video

Curious Deskmate Video 1

Curious Deskmate Video 2

Out to Play Video